Public Relations and Miscellaneous

Health Management and Promotion Committee

The Health Management and Promotion Committee has been established to discuss and review the planning and management of health activities (health examination services, follow-up of examination results, etc.) to manage health and prevent sickness among insured persons and dependents.

Journal, health insurance news, and other publications

  • The journal KENPO magazine is published twice a year.
  • Booklets and pamphlets related to health and hygiene are distributed on an ad hoc basis.
  • Explanations are provided for a clear understanding of the activity plans of the Pfizer Health Insurance Society, the Health Insurance Act, and timely news articles.

Purchasing service for household medicines

The Pfizer Health Insurance Society offers a purchasing service for household medicines twice a year as part of its health activities. Enrollees can choose medicines that suit their purpose/frequency of use by their families.
Please carefully read the flyer in Kenpo Dayori or the News & Topics section on our website before applying.
Please note that applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.