Health Consultation

Pfizer health consultation

Doctors, health nurses, and other specialists are available to answer questions about sudden illnesses at night and on non-business days, physical and mental health, and childcare and long-term care concerns. No consultation fees or call charges apply. (Subcontracted to: T-PEC Corporation)

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For telephone consultations: 24-Hour Health Consultation Service
(We also accept consultations on women’s health)

Toll free

See here for the telephone number.

Hours 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Access method In addition to the toll-free number above, you may also reach us by email or chatbot

For email consultations, please see the online user guide here.
Click here to use the chatbot.

Consultation examples
  • You need help with first aid for a sudden injury
  • You’re unsure of what medical specialty you should see
  • You want to find out what hospitals and clinics you can see when traveling or on weekends and holidays
  • You’ve noticed something is wrong with your child
  • Your elderly parents living far away have come to need nursing care

For mental health consultations: Mental Health Counseling Service

Toll free

See here for the telephone number.

  • Telephone consultations via the toll-free number above: 9:00-22:00 year-round (approx. 20 minutes per call)
  • Online consultations: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round (Please allow several days for a reply)
  • For online consultations, click here

  • Scheduling a counseling session (in-person, online, or telephone follow-up)
    By phone: Monday to Friday 9:00-21:00; Saturdays 9:00-16:00 (excluding Sundays, holidays, and 12/31-1/3)
    By web: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round (We will call you to schedule the appointment after receiving your request)
Access method and consultation examples
  • ■Appointments are required and sessions are limited to up to 5 per person per year
  • ■To make an appointment for an online or telephone follow-up session by web, please fill out a request via the counseling session appointment page
  • ■You must select a session format (in-person, online, or telephone follow-up) at the time of your first session, and changes thereafter are not permitted in principal
We offer counseling sessions with clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals to help with stress at work or home.
  • You feel frustrated or anxious and want someone to listen
  • You need to vent about painful feelings
  • You want to address problems properly, including changing the way you think about things

For consultations from overseas: 24-Hour Expat Health Consultations

Health consultation for employees working or on business trips overseas and their families. It is also possible to consult with a specialist in Japanese while overseas. In addition, our doctors are able to help interpret Japanese into English in the event you are unable to accurately communicate your condition and symptoms to a local physician.*

  • *We may be unable to offer interpretation services depending on the local medical environment.
  • *Please note we are unable to examine you directly, and thus cannot provide medical instructions or diagnoses.
Hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round (by telephone* or online)
*International toll-free (World Free Phone)
Access method Please see our User Guide.
Scope of services
  • 24-hour health consultations (by telephone or online)
  • Medical Certificate English Translation Service
  • Information on complete check-ups pre- and post-departure
Consultation examples Questions regarding your physical condition, health, and medical care / First aid / Stress and anxiety / Pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare consultations / Maintaining and promoting health / Lifestyle guidance for chronic diseases, etc.

Second Opinion Service

If you are worried if your treatment is sufficient or are wondering if there are any other options, we can arrange for a second opinion to help you choose the treatment that is right for you. In addition to arranging an appointment with a specialist, we are also able to facilitate online or telephone consultations if you are unable to travel because of your living situation, medical condition, or other factors.

Medical Exam Arrangement Service

Should you require specialized treatment that is unavailable at your usual medical institution, we will find a facility in the T-PEC network offering the care you need and arrange for you to be seen there.

For both the Second Opinion Service & Medical Exam Arrangement Service:

Toll free

See here for the telephone number.

Hours Monday to Saturday 9:00-18:00 (excluding Sundays, holidays, and 12/31-1/3)
  • We are unable to provide consultations regarding medical malpractice, traffic accidents, or other injuries or sicknesses caused by third parties, nor can we provide consultations on injuries or sicknesses pending dispute
  • Certain medical specialties are not covered, including psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry, cosmetic surgery, and dental or oral surgery
  • We are only able to provide the Medical Exam Arrangement Service when T-PEC deems it appropriate, and use of the service is not guaranteed upon request
Consultation examples
  • You’re looking for other treatment options
  • You’re not sure whether you should undergo treatment recommended by your primary care physician
  • You want to choose the best treatment for you
  • You’ve been told your usual doctor’s office can’t treat you and are looking for a medical facility that can

Pediatric emergency telephone consultation (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Call a pediatrician or nurse for consultation if you are unsure how to deal with a sudden illness of your child during non-business days or at night or whether you should take your child to a hospital.

Tel Abbreviated dialing ♯8000 (connects from mobile phone)
Official website See below for the consultation hours and other details.
About the pediatric medicine telephone consultation service (#8000)